Before & After wax treatment


  Before Waxing -

While wax treatments can be performed at any time really, you should consider the following before your appointment:

• Caffeine should be avoided prior to your visit as you may not know it stimulates your nervous system

• To have a good clean wax it is recommended to have at least 3-4 weeks growth (4 weeks from last wax or 3 weeks from last shave). If you use hair removing creams or shave between waxes this will distort your hair growth and you waxing treatment will not be as successful….also shaved hair is a lot harder to remove and can be a bit sore so put the razor away!!!

• Don’t pick ingrown hairs and you could scar or get infection, please chat to me about suitable treatments to prevent these

• Exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week and the day before wax treatment- this helps to get all hairs and to prevent ingrowns

• Please arrive freshened up/showered for your wax treatment

• If you are highly sensitive it might be best not to get waxed when you are in a premenstrual phase!

• Please refrain from having a wax if you are currently using glycolic acid, retin-a or taking roaccutanne or have been in the last 6 months.

  After Waxing -

For the 24hrs following waxing

• Keep the area clean and sweat free.

• You can take a cool/lukewarm shower but no high temperatures, massages ,fake-tans, nothing with perfume in it

• No direct contact or friction in the waxed area ;) ;)

• Wear loose clothing Your skin may appear red after waxing but this is a temporary effect and will die down.

After a couple of days and once the skin has settled down, start to exfoliate the area a few times a week. Use a dry brush when your skin is dry as well as wet and when you step out of the bath/shower and when you skin is still wet, apply either baby oil or pure coconut oil. You will be amazed at the transformation in your skin. Moisturiser is great too. If you follow the aftercare and are unlucky enough to get spots or ingrown hairs, apply a product specifically for ingrown hairs and and Bepanthem nappy cream is fab too.